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Sunday, 20 February 2011

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Time marches. Sometimes on hot coals, other times on pillows. Either way, it does.And while it does, tides turn, whispering in my ear the significance of the turn on an arcade sixpence.

Since my last entry, I have put together a book of poems, a handful of which have been previously published. The decision to self publish was not an easy one. I understand that I surrounded by the market reputations of publishing houses, but then, with the advent of the Ebook eclipsing paper, what is there to lose in this life?

The truly excellent Shamshad Khan has very kindly offered me a launch night.


the book itself is called a Million Ways to Measure the Sun, and is I feel, the book I had to get out of my system in order that I move forward and develop as a writer. I have to say thanks to the many people who have assisted me along the way, am smiling as i type, for all their individualities, and presence of mind, whether it be about semi-colon placement, or the subtleties of Pagan thought enclosures, or the consideration of consideration, my thanks to you all. And of course, to Nihad Wicho for his art for the cover of the book - Nihad's work can be found on Facebook, and his work i admire very much, a true artist.


Outside of this book, i have been quietly gathering new material, and falling into the musical arms of Radiohead's new album, King Of Limbs, and considering a ghost story.

stay tuned for more rock n roll...

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