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Saturday, 16 July 2011

from Radcliffe's reserved space to Maconie's embrace

I was going to post a pic of Mr Maconie too with his arm around me laughing while my friend took the shot, but I can't. I have to admit to losing the shot, along with film of that night's event,run by

Bad Language

from a packed backroom at The Castle Hotel, a place where flat caps and crusted eyeliner vie for primacy in the indie individuality stakes, only to be overdone by the occasional Julian Cope looking bloke or the almost there Juke Box.

Instead, you will have to make do with this solitary image taken when i attended the BBC buildings in Manchester for a book review slot on the Indus Radio Show. The novel, and the author of the novel, Daisy Hasan was in attendance. I have to say that the experience was a bit nervy, having never read a book with a view to expressing a view of the theme and stylistic content, though I found that it was a rewarding evening, and one which proposed the potential for a written interview with the author for publication in India...watch this space.

I did however, make a little imovie film of the event, so if you ever have a coffee moment to spare, then I would much appreciate it.

So what else...I have been doing some new art - and have updated my website...ting

and now i have nothing more to say other than, than.

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