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Friday, 7 October 2011

From Dumers Lane to Munich

So a few weeks ago I was offered a great opportunity by Cartwheel Arts to facilitate a writing group in Bury. Didn't take a breath to say yespleasethankyouverymuchta.

A few weeks later, and the first step on this journey was to knock on doors to help promote the group. I am no stranger to knocking on, though with the intention of creating poems from the responses received by those kind enough to answer the door, was a very interesting angle.

Without thinking that either canvassers or creationists wanted to whittle down their time, plenty of folk did open up - this poster, we posted more recently is a snippet of the poetry produced from those doorstep voices.

And while that was busy simmering away, I was off to Munich to sample the hospitality very kindly offered, and gratefully received. It wasn't simply a trip to do a bit of weightlifting - though i do heart exercise...It was also to talk poetry and view a the the University Gallery space, where I have very kindly been offered to exhibit my photography next January...i bet it's freezing over there then.

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