a penny for your...

Monday, 25 April 2011

polythene dancing

Oh what deep joy it is to receive a gift. Radiohead are the wooded beard i dissolve into.

Their track 'supercollider' is one of those repeat numbers that provides the sublimity to solve any submersion...

so i did a little film to go with it

and while you watch -

I want to apologise.
I want to apologise.
I want to apologise.
I want to apologise.

and leave you with this...


Waiting at the station

toes scrunched over the lip

of the yellow line; he sighs.

She sees, moves over to me

her codex of numbers

slow falling inside seconds.

We swim dive down,

bellysmack the tracks -

sleepers stinking of theft and wine;

the 5:15 of us always arrives on time.

Friday, 15 April 2011


Hi folks - just a quick blog entry to share this latest painting and vid to accompany - MacBook Pro used - beaut...

Canvas 1m by 80cm - oil and acrylic on canvas... I took the initial sketch for the bottom half of the torso from a large canvas in Manchester City Art Gallery - one of the three sirens...

the top half just 'occurred' as the sketch and painting developed - although I did want to provide a second painting to the first one - see below...

I have been deliberate with the issue of gender in these pieces and I have one more to produce - my intention being to create a contemplation on humanity

I decided also to make a bit of a video - which can be be viewed here...

Sunday, 10 April 2011

a week is a long time in artifacts

I picked my brushes up again this week. But before I get to that bit, I want to share this painting with you. I bought this view of Irwell from an artist called Olga Gerke, who lives in Manchester. I like much of Olga's work which I found on Facebook, but this image has more than the sum of its parts. The palette allows for atmosphere, the tone I can feel. For my mind, this is an excellent painting, and I am very happy to own it - many thanks to Olga who also left a book in the bag with the painting in it....

The book is called The Invention of Morel -

I can't be given a book by mistake and not read it. What I find fascinating about this book is to discover that it links to one of the only games I have ever played on my home computer, holed up in a storage corridor tap tapping social care assignments in the late 1990s.

How odd that life provides this timely reminder for reflection.

Back then, I was scrambling to become a professional health and social care worker - first in the family to gain a university qualification. I recall that moment of realisation when the results came in, and certificates sent through the post, for a cv folder yet to be filled.

But now, as I plunge further into Mr Bioy Casares island world of fluid thought, I find his words to be only trees and scenery for this reflective act, which is comforting in the sense that, I have during the time since tap tapping in a storage corridor on the tenth floor of a high rise flat, been developing a parallel artistic journey. Creating work for canvas and page.

I have been developing a sense of creative honesty for about ten years now. And I feel very much humbled when another soul sees this...is able to delve under the veneer we project into the day to day - I am humbled by this image...

Rama Jamoukha's work I am also familiar with, and Facebook does hold merit outside of speed dating the politics out of each other - sometimes words can have a day off and the eyes can do the talking.

This week, I have painted four townscape views of my home town Rochdale - here is a view of Richard Street. Richard Street has its walkers,wasters and workers, and the aptly named 'penny bridge' is nearby.

I have also been progressing 'NUDE', now the title of the piece. I feel that the piece speaks...

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas - almost complete now - just some work on the candles and the buttocks

The launch went very well - it was indeed a pleasure to attend and read, my thanks again to those who turned out on a Monday evening - Isis is a lovely venue for food, art and of course, poetry - if you are ever at a loose end in Levenshulme - then say no more...

If you missed the launch - then come to Longsight Library, 5th May 2011