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Sunday, 31 January 2010

random ramblings

finally remembered my password to this blog - and thought i'd run a few things off.

It is now one week before the opening of my first solo exhibition. Aside from the - 'ineverrealisedthattherewassomuchworkinvolved' bit, which is relevant but also has the potential to be somewhat moanworthy, so -

I thought it might be useful to make some comment of what is known as 'the creative' and the high spots of working with others from the point of the initial idea for the exhibition to this point in time (which reminds me i should write some ideas down for the opening).

I have always had ideas - as a child these would probably be viewed as 'above station' in type by others, but i don't want to get drawn into the whole socio-political yap, just say that ten years after being given a set of brushes, i am now on the cusp of my first solo art exhibition.

I am being asked if i am excited at the prospect - and at the time of typing this, i have to say i am not - i simply have not had the time to get emotional about it - i think rather that when i arrange and hang the pictures, see and hear the show outside of what up to now has been an audio-visual concept inside my head - then perhaps i'll connect emotionally with the work.

The exhibition itself isn't anything cutting edge in content - there are no bits of upended scaffolding poles jutting from the floor wired up to inflated dolls dressed as bus conductors - on show will be about 25 landscape views from around the globe. There is no significance to the locations of the paintings save only that they are paintings of photos taken by others on their travels.

here is a link to the paintings -

the bit i'm most chuffed about is the audio loop of children's poetry. A friend of mine once said that good ideas are only that unless they are realised outside of the idea, the initial verve of thought. I understand now what it is to populate an idea with a plan and execute that plan accordingly. I have to thank Zahid Hussain - Official Author's Web Site (apols for not being able to do the whole hyper link thing proper) for his time and considerations with regard to the poetry competition.

The poetry competition was themed on the environment and of the 100+ entries from St Vincent's Primary School. The 20 or so winners of the competition I recorded before Christmas and the resulting audio loop is now pressed onto CDs (always make a mental note to not put an ' in CDs - thanks to Lynne Truss) ready for the opening event which is 1pm on the 6th Feb at Gallery One, Touchstones Rochdale.

Creating is always a delight - though sometimes a trial, sometimes akin to meditation. Both involve silent thought workspace, within which a blank canvas sketch becomes a completed subject. I have no formal training in art other than the many books i have read on the subject and the many works i have stood in front of and studied.

The detail of brushwork when close up to a canvas i find both fascinating and revealing of the artist - and always somewhat humbling. I wonder if in years to come, that others will stand in front my work and feel even remotely that which i have felt of others. I hope so - this has been an interesting journey to date...

stay tuned

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