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Sunday, 14 February 2010


Interesting word - will look it up while I listen to The Stone Roses. This being a change to the regular dose of Radiohead, which incidentally has been my staple musical diet for about two years now whilst forging the development of creative stuff from the scratch of mi ass moment to stage completion...

Been a busy week this one, and looking over my shoulder i can afford a smile - my exhibition is up and running and i have been able to think words again instead of images!

This week has been full of other events - Monday's Muslim Writers session about the essence of the creative was illuminating in terms of dispelling myths about the muse and other such elusives when we set about creating. Very useful session in that, when the creative airway is blocked, there's a surgical tool in the shape of thought process which allows you to breathe and therefore create. It's simple really, I smile now as I type - if you create (which we all do in some shape or form), then simple acceptance and ownership of this thought allows invisible passage through Checkpoints diligently guarded by the sentinels of idleness and passive magistrates of thought prison.

'Begging you' has just flooded my earphones and I think of the other events of the week - Un Propehete - Great film - within the content of this gritty-slick thrust of French realism, delivered into the visual cortex from the slow opening glimpses of malevolence and their accompanying auditory cousins, there are for my mind some noticeable homages - e.g. The razorblade in the mouth in front of the prison mirror scene, presents lineage to both Taxi Driver and La Haine - for me this 'update' is also a stark reminder that attitudes flux within the Crucible of socio-political shenanegans within which we all find ourselves shuffling around.

Anyway - before i go off on one about 'wherediditallgowrongandwheredidthatmoralthinggoto', I will instead mention Thursday's reading at the Albert Poets


I read in the hushed backpubroom with poets more established than myself, and it was a humbling experience and one which I was able to glean some creative thought from as I listened to and absorbed their words, rhythms and content -

And to Saturday - Facilitated a three hour session at Touchstones Gallery, and was encouraged by the diverse talent of the range of children who dropped in during the Family Fun Day at the Gallery.

stay tuned..

oh and before i forget -

customise - customize |ˈkəstəˌmīz|
verb [ trans. ] (often be customized)
modify (something) to suit a particular individual or task : the suit can be customized for every skydiving need.

Indeed it can ...

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